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YUKIZNA atelier collection is our atelier, a place where the individual can express his or her personality. This collection is for made to order mainly and limited ready-made goods are also displayed. We hope you can encounter something that colors your life.

Round ZIP Wallet


Micro Round ZIP Wallet

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‘Apis’は、NYを拠点として活動するクリエイティブディレクターのYuki Jamesと

デザイナーのCamilla Staerkによって考え出されました。


The “Apis collection” debut bag collection, conceived by New York-based creative director Yuki James and designer Camilla Staerk, is inspired by the precious detailing of vintage lingerie and corsetry. The sensual fluid shapes are a tribute to the female form, and each bag has been designed with great passion and painstaking attention to construction and intricate finishings. 

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