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YUKIZNA is as the canvas; it enables the user to enjoy the variation of materials and

color of pieces as the artist does with brush and paints.

By connecting pieces you may create whatever size of canvas .

The sheet made with connected pieces of hexagon motif displays the contrasts

by soft three-dimensional effect changing its expression according to the perspectives.

YUKIZNA is the technique which lets imagination be real.

You can create the one and only material in the world.

Process of production

All hand-knitting process

YUKIZNA is hand made at Astrotech in Minami-sanriku, of Miyagi prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan. Each hand-knitted piece, cut into hexagon from the leather, completes a sheet of YUKIZNA. Each provided leather has different figure and surface so the adopted and careful cutting is indispensable in order to maximize the quantity of usable YUKIZNA pieces from one leather. Pressing the each edge of YUKIZNA piece equally and knitting them without hurting the surface require the skilled balance according to the hardness and thickness of leather.

Basic structure of YUKIZNA

YUKIZNA is made with connected pieces. By connecting plugs and jacks of each piece, YUKIZNA is completed.




Sustainability of leather

Once dealt as unusable parts of leather can be reborn with YUKIZNA, being cut out carefully and connected to each other.

We believe that considering the leather as a life and using it maximumly should lead us to realize and promote the sustainability of leather.

YUKIZNA is the bridge between leather and sustainability.